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June 2016 Developer Newsletter

See through patterns, hidden relationships and networks to find opportunities in Big Data.

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6.0.0 Gold Release Now Available!

Download Version 6.0.0
Unleash the Power of Multicore Technology with 6.0.0
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Featured Blogs

When is an ESP not an ESP?
Battery Powered Big Data
Six Degrees of Matt Damon (Step Aside, Kevin Bacon)

ECL Tips and Code Snippets

Fast Edit Distance Queries for Big Data Using Prefix Trees
Implementing Column Level Security Today
Unicode Indexing in ECL

"How To" Video Demo

Configuring Security Manager Plugins on HPCC Systems

HPCC Systems In the News

Discover Relationships in Data with a Graph Database – Interview with Jesse Shaw
Training Firm’s Unexpected Growth Exposes Weakness of Relational Tech

Upcoming Events

Meetup: Data Gymnastics: Using HPCC Systems for Processing Big Data
Sports Analytics Innovation Summit 2016

HPCC Systems Engineering Summit Community Day

Call for Presentations open until June 20!

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