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November 2016 Developer Newsletter

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The Download: Community Tech Talk | December 1, 11am ET

Submit a talk for The Download:
Community Tech Talks Jan 12th, 11am ET

Introducing The Download – HPCC Systems Community Tech Talks! An all new series of workshops specifically designed for the community by the community. The purpose of the monthly workshop will be to share knowledge, spark innovation and further build and link the relationships within our HPCC Systems community.

Have a new success story to share?
Want to pitch a new use case?
Have a new HPCC Systems application you want to demo?
Want to share some helpful ECL tips and code sample?
Have a new suggestion for the roadmap?
It’s easy! All you need to do is submit a talk title and brief abstract to techtalks@hpccsystems.com. If chosen, you will be asked to present remotely for an upcoming 20 minute tech talk.

In case you missed it: HPCC Systems Summit – Community Day

We had a great lineup of speakers from industry and academia on the agenda. Check them out:
The live-streamed recordings are available via the HPCC Systems YouTube channel and the links to specific talks are now available!
Interviews with industry speakers are available on iTunes or Google Play

Read about Internship Opportunities at LexisNexis with the HPCC Systems Program and the success of our recent interns!

Internship Opportunities with LexisNexis - Spread the Word
Join the HPCC Systems team as an intern in 2017
HPCC Systems Intern Projects 2016: Featuring Suk Hwan Hong (First in the series)

Featured Blogs

HPCC Systems 6.2.x is here. What's in it for you?
Using your favourite language or data source with HPCC Systems

ECL Tips and Code Snippets

Using the ITERATE function
Using LOOP and Functions: Dijkstra Shortest Path
Using LOOP to emulate Recursion

Upcoming Events & Webinars

November 13-18: SC16, Salt Lake City, UT
December 6: SAI FTC 2016 – Future Technologies Conference 2016

Training Resources

We have a great line-up of instructor led training ahead
Our online, self-paced, classes are always available!
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