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Download the LexisNexis® True Cost of FraudSM Mobile Study

The mCommerce industry is growing rapidly and fraud is keeping pace. This year, LexisNexis® has released a new edition of the True Cost of Fraud study specifically focusing on fraud challenges faced by merchants, financial institutions and consumers in rapidly expanding mCommerce. The new study finds that merchants of all sizes are largely unprepared for the fraud that accompanies offering a mobile payment solution such as mPOS, Apps, and other mobile-powered solutions, and are generally unequipped to handle the fraud that invariably accompanies these channels.

Download the True Cost of Fraud Mobile study to learn about:
 Key fraud issues affecting the mCommerce space;
 How the distribution of fraud is shifting across different types of mobile transactions and
        what it means for your bottom line;
 The per-dollar cost of mobile fraud as calculated by the LexisNexis® Fraud MultiplierSM
 How to safely deal with mobile payment methods like Intuit and Google Wallet;
 How to strengthen your authentication and anti-fraud measures, and;
 How to reap the benefits of different types of mCommerce while mitigating the
        efforts of ever more creative fraudsters.

Download the study today for all of the insights you need to safely grow your mCommerce channel and protect your revenue.

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