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Because life is full of change, the member information you collect and count on can rapidly become inaccurate – from phone numbers and addresses to new jobs and relocations, it can be difficult to effectively identify, reach and engage your members.

Many health plans are unaware how much of their member data is outdated or even missing. And bad data can negatively impact your care coordination efforts, HEDIS and other quality scores, and your financial bottom line. With so many new people entering the system, it's essential to know: What is the quality of your data?

MemberPoint Brochure
MemberPoint cleans and enriches your member data files with information from our vast public records repository.
Infographic: Problems with Accuracy of Health Plan Member Data
See key insights around problems with and factors impacting the accuracy of health plan member data.
Why Using LexisNexis MemberPoint to Keep Member Contact Information Current Could Save Payers Millions
Restore quality to your member data to avoid returned mail costs and the risk of putting your quality scores and ACA compliance in jeopardy.
Keep Your Member Contact Information Current
Inaccurate member data directly results in lost opportunities and lots profits.
Case Study: National Health Plan Improves HEDIS Scores
One of the top payers in the U.S. leveraged LexisNexis data hygiene solutions and was able to dramatically improve its outreach efforts.

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