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2015 March Developer Newsletter

See through patterns, hidden relationships and networks to find opportunities in Big Data.

Developer Case Studies

Developer Case Study #1: David Dasher, CPL Online video
Developer Case Study #2: Fujio Turner, Silicon Valley Meetup
Developer Case Study #3: Nikolaos Vasiloglou, Ismion

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Adventures in Graphland Part I

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HPCC Systems Introduction

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HPCC Systems 5.2
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Developer Case Study #1:
David Dasher, CPL Online video

David Dasher, Managing Director at CPL Online Limited, discusses why HPCC Systems was chosen as the solution to help manage their customer data. Dasher explains the ease of use of the programming language called Enterprise Control Language, and how the HPCC Systems platform allows for more productivity and scalability needed for their emerging business.
Watch the video
for his full testimonial.


Developer Case Study #2:
Fujio Turner, Silicon Valley Meetup

Fujio Turner, Software Developer and Founder, Exabyte Big Data - Silicon Valley, talks about his experience with HPCC Systems and why he decided to create a meetup group dedicated to learn more about this platform.
Watch the video
for his full testimonial.


Developer Case Study #3:
Nikolaos Vasiloglou, Ismion

Hear why Nikolaos Vasiloglou, the CEO of Ismion, chose HPCC Systems to run his business. Learn how the platform fits his business model and what he was able to accomplish.
Watch the video
for his full testimonial.

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ECL Tips and Code Snippets: Quick Start

This page provides steps to quickly get started with the programming language of HPCC Systems called Enterprise Control Language (ECL). It is assumed that the reader is already familiar with SQL and provides a comparative functionality in ECL to help quickly illustrates the points.
Check out Quick Start

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"How To" Video Demo: HPCC Systems Introduction

Please view this introduction video for a quick overview of the HPCC Systems platform including: Thor, which is the data refinery engine, Roxie, which is the data delivery engine and Enterprise Control Language (ECL), which is the one programming language for the entire platform.
Check out the video demo

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Developer Case Study Contest Reminder

The deadline to submit a Case Study has now been extended with submissions due on Friday, July 31 and winners to be announced during the HPCC Systems Community Day scheduled on September 29 in Delray Beach, Florida. The Contest is only open to USA-based participants.
Learn More

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Platform Updates

HPCC Systems 5.2 boasts a number of new features and enhancements including an improved ECL Watch topology, graph control, ECL language support for JSON, Cassandra queries, security updates for authentication and encryption and integration of Ganglia monitoring and Nagios alerting which allow users better maintenance and control of their system. Read the latest HPCC Systems blog for a deeper dive into all these new features and more.

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News you can use!

Featured Blog
Adventures in GraphLand Part 1
What if we could leave behind the world of tables and joins and instead operate in a world where the knowledge just "was"? Check out this blog, first in a series, to learn more about how LexisNexis and HPCC Systems approach large-scale graph analytics.

HPCC Systems in the News
Click on this link Scholarly publishers are accustomed to dealing with big data and need the computing power to deal with it. Research Information asks Elsevier about its supercomputing technology called HPCC Systems and how it came to open up this resource as a service to researchers.

We are pleased to announce HPCC Systems has been accepted as a mentoring organization in Google Summer of Code 2015! Read more.

Upcoming Events
The HPCC Systems team will be speaking or appearing at these events: See Calendar

HPCC Systems Community Day on September 29 in Delray Beach, Florida. The HPCC Systems team announces a Community Day of speakers, presenters and panelists who will share how they leverage HPCC Systems to solve big data problems. The call for presentations for the HPCC Systems Community Day is open globally. Take a look.

Developer Case Study Contest The Developer Case Study Contest deadline has extended to July 31. See details below.

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Custom training at your location or via Webex is also available for large groups. Contact us at training@hpccsystems.com for more information.

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