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2015 May Developer Newsletter

See through patterns, hidden relationships and networks to find opportunities in Big Data.

Developer Case Studies

Developer Case Study #1: John Andleman, Citrix
Developer Case Study #2: Luc Pezet, Archway Health Advisors
Developer Case Study #3: Rob Bigini, Comrise

Featured Blog

Adventures in Graphland Part II

ECL Tips and Code Snippets

Cleaning and Transformation

"How To" Video Demo

HPCC Systems Introduction Part II: Middleware

HPCC Systems In the News

Read a recent article about HPCC Systems

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Call for Speakers Open for HPCC Systems Community Day

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Developer Case Study Contest Reminder

Participate in a case study contest to win cool prizes

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Java API Project
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Developer Case Study #1:
John Andleman, Citrix

John Andleman, Staff Database Engineer, explains why he chose HPCC Systems for his project and how it compared to other leading Big Data platforms.
Watch the video
for his full testimonial.


Developer Case Study #2:
Luc Pezet, Archway Health Advisors

Luc Pezet, Information Engineer, discusses why HPCC Systems was chosen for his company Archway Health Advisors to help solve big data problems in the health care industry.
Watch the video
for his full testimonial.


Developer Case Study #3:
Rob Bigini, Comrise

Hear why Rob Bigini, VP of Operations, and his team chose HPCC Systems for Comrise. In this four-part video, Rob discusses his strategic decision to teach data analysts how to leverage HPCC Systems and his colleagues, Handan, Jonathan and Emma share their experience working on the platform.
Watch the video
for his full testimonial.

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ECL Tips and Code Snippets: Cleaning and Transformation

Sometimes the best way to learn a tool or language is by referring to examples and how ECL can be used to solve a practical problem. This code snippet shows developers how to traverse the products dataset and convert all product names to upper case.
Check out Cleaning and Transformation

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"How To" Video Demo: HPCC Systems Introduction Part II – The Middleware

The HPCC Systems environment contains a number of system servers which act as a gateway between the clusters and the outside world. The system servers are often referred to collectively as the “Middleware”.
Check out the video

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Developer Case Study Contest Reminder

The deadline to submit a Case Study has now been extended with submissions due on Friday, July 31 and winners to be announced during the HPCC Systems Community Day scheduled on September 29 in Delray Beach, Florida. The Contest is only open to USA-based participants.
Learn More

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Platform Updates

The HPCC Systems Java API Project provides a set of JAVA based APIs (JAPI) which facilitate interaction with HPCC Systems Web Services and C++ based tools. Read more about this capability on the Java API Plugin page.

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News you can use!

Featured Blog
Adventures in GraphLand Part II
Check out the second part of this blog series to learn more about how LexisNexis and HPCC Systems approach large-scale graph analytics

HPCC Systems in the News
If you’re looking into Hadoop you might be interested in HPCC Systems. Read the full article on SourceForge.

Upcoming Events
The HPCC Systems team will be speaking or appearing at these events: See Calendar

HPCC Systems Community Day on September 29 in Delray Beach, Florida. The HPCC Systems team announces a Community Day of speakers, presenters and panelists who will share how they leverage HPCC Systems to solve big data problems. The call for presentations for the HPCC Systems Community Day is open globally. Take a look.

Developer Case Study Contest The Developer Case Study Contest deadline has extended to July 31. See details below.

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Custom training at your location or via Webex is also available for large groups. Contact us at training@hpccsystems.com for more information.

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