Accurint® Virtual Crime Center is the next generation solution for investigations and nationwide data sharing.

Access to Nationwide Records Extends Your View

Criminals have no boundaries and neither can you when it comes to investigative intelligence and crime reporting. Accurint Virtual Crime Center gives visbility beyond your own jurisdictions into regional and natiowide crime data.

Connections Come Together in Seconds with Automated Link Analysis

With a single search, you can visualize your agency's Record Management System against external data with automated link analysis. By linking across data types gain a more comprehensive view and insights into an identity. 

Customized Dashboard for Every Role Within the Agency

Flexible views for all users means you can design customer dashboards for command staff, investigators, patrol officers analysts and more. 

Advanced Analytics for Better Identity Management

Finding, identifying and verifying identities is a fast easy process with our proprietary technology, LexID®. It links cross-jurisdictional agency data with identity information from over 10,000 sources.

One Tool Does it All

Accurint Virtual Crime Center replaces multiple tools agencies currently use for public records data analytics and mapping. Having all information and capabilities available through a single interface streamlines tasks, increasing efficiency and productivity.

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