Capture the UBI opportunity. Research revieals that 25% of small fleet managers would sign up for UBI-buto only 6% are currently enrolled.

Complimentary White Paper

The 2015 Annual LexisNexis UBI Study for Small Fleets

In order to bring you the latest insights on Usage-based Insurance (UBI), we conducted research studies for the past five years on the consumer market and the past two years with small fleet managers.

The 2015 Annual LexisNexis UBI Study was conducted with managers of fleets comprising 2 to 20 and covered by a commercial auto insurance policy. This year's research yielded interesting results, some of which included:

  • There is a significant opportunity for UBI in small fleets. Estimated demand, reported at 25%, is significantly higher than current enrollment of 6%.
  • UBI has potential as both an acquisition and retention tool for small fleets.
  • Marketing is needed to grow awareness in the small commercial UBI market.

Download the white paper and discover insights that enable you to evolve your UBI program going forward.

In addition to our small fleet study, we have also completed our study of the consumer UBI market.

Be sure to download both studies to find out how to move your UBI program forward.

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