It started with a hunch that led to many conversations.

Competition among Communications and Media Services providers gets tighter everyday. With pressure to onboard and manage customers quickly and painlessly, we wondered what effect processes had on risk management. So we initiated the State of Risk study and asked industry executives from a variety of Communications and Media Services companies the tough questions.

We found that customer acquisition isn’t cut and dried.

One of the key insights that emerged: Signing huge numbers of customers doesn’t necessarily translate to success—and can lead to significant losses. But limiting efforts to “good credit” prospects doesn’t work either. The good news is that you can solve these challenges.

State of Risk 2017

Get the Full Story (Part 1 of 4)

Get your copy of our State of Risk whitepaper, the first in a 4-part series, titled “The Ways Companies Market Can Increase Risk to Their Business” for insight on reducing risk in customer acquisition.

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