Combat Identity Fraud without
Compromising Customer Service

LexisNexis® FraudPoint® focuses can help identify 75% of fraudulent applications by analyzing just 5.9% of new account originations; this helps you quickly focus investigative efforts on the riskiest applications.

FraudPoint leverages advanced linking technology from LexisNexis® to aggregate information from over 34 billion records and intelligently examine the data interconnections to provide clear perspective into the complex world of identity fraud.

Predict identity fraud events faster with new benefits:
  • Superior identity visibility: Authoritative coverage with tri-bureau identity information, industry search events, and expanded sources.
  • Reduce fraud incidents: New analytics into the applying identity and the application profiles.
  • Approve more legitimate customers: Advanced segmentation more effectively detects emerging trends and patterns to identify identity fraud attempts from legitimate applications.
  • Streamline investigations: Leverage six new fraud type scores to highlight specific identity fraud schemes–such as stolen identities and synthetic identities.
  • Quickly manage exceptions: More granular scoring insight with new warning codes.
  • Improved attributes: Over 200 new highly-predictive FraudPoint Attributes to build superior identity fraud strategies.

FraudPoint delivers the advantage of focused prevention tactics without disrupting productive and profitable customer relationships. Let us run a sample test on your recent account records to demonstrate the speed and accuracy of FraudPoint Solutions.

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