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Discover and Collect What Is Owed: Best Practices from Collection Experts to Maximize your Revenue Recovery Efforts

At a time when economic situations are rapidly changing, governments are searching for new and better ways to streamline revenue recovery efforts that will result in increased collections. Access public records today and embrace new methods that will improve your overall collection process by locating hard-to-find debtors.

Take advantage of the free knowledge we’re giving away at our powerful Webinar. Plus! Receive invaluable webinar reference materials to help you start maximizing your revenue today while increasing workflow efficiencies and improving your overall collection process.

Featured Speakers:

  • Charles Helms, Director of the Collection Division, North Carolina Department of Revenue
  • Frank O'Leary, Treasurer of Arlington County, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Linda Tanton, Maryland Deputy Comptroller and President, Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA)
  • Andy Bucholz, Government Strategy and Planning, LexisNexis
  • Fred Kuhn, Associate Publisher, GOVERNING (moderator)

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