LexisNexis® Accurint® LE Plus Overview
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If you want to get one step closer to locating suspects, finding missing children, and solving cases quickly, your law enforcement agency needs LexisNexis® Accurint® LE Plus. This demonstration gives you all the evidence you need.

Register for the full demo and see how we can help your investigators and analysts to:

• Narrow 500 suspects down to 1
• Provide a multi-faceted view of a person of interest within seconds
• Uncover relatives and associates of a person of interest
• Find common data between seemingly unrelated people
• Turn a partial plate into a suspect lead
• Track down unpublished phone records
• Map and monitor sexual offenders
• Update public records on suspects
• Draw previously unknown connections between people of interest

See for yourself why over 4,000 law enforcement agencies are currently utilizing Accurint LE Plus today to solve cases, reduce crimes and maximize efficiencies within their agencies. After this short demonstration, we're confident that you’ll come to understand why your department needs it too.

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