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LexisNexis® Virtual Identity Search and Report now provides law enforcement agencies with an alternate view of an individual: his/her virtual presence. Investigators can uncover within Accurint where a suspect has generated an identity via social media (e.g., Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn). In addition, when you request a Virtual Identity Report in Accurint, you will receive a list of all matching social network and/or virtual identity public-facing pages (URLs) when a match is found between the search subject’s email and a site’s ‘registered’ email address.

  • Enhance Investigations: Expand your “go to” investigative tool and your view of persons of interest by identifying virtual relationships and associations with access to over 40 social networking sites.
  • Save Time and Resources: Access a single investigative tool where you can search both public records and social networking information.
  • Close Cases Faster: Fuel your investigations by uncovering virtual identities for persons-of-interest.

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