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Fraud is on the rise. There is evidence that fraud has permeated virtually every government-based benefit program at the state, local, and federal level. LexisNexis wants to help you fight it.

Did you know that 3-5% of public assistance dollars are lost to fraud every year? How can you help ensure that your hard-earned tax dollars are protected?

Quickly gain access to GOVERNING's webinar recording and hear industry experts discuss the future of identity-based fraud in government. You'll also learn how to detect this abuse and how to put a stop to it. In additon, this webinar will teach you about:

  • the use of technology to verify and authenticate identity and reduce ID Fraud
  • how Florida, New Jersey and Louisiana were successful in thwarting abuse
  • ways to integrate systems, partnerships, and initiatives for fraud prevention
  • the benefits and savings achieved by using technology to combat ID Fraud

You'll also gain access to the LexisNexis white paper, "Identity Fraud Prevention:
Identity Based Fraud in Government"

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