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Benefits of Accurint® for Law Enforcement include:

  • Comprehensive Credit Bureau Data – Accurint for Law Enforcement leverages data from all three major credit bureaus in searches and in reports.

  • Accurint Mobile – access Accurint for Law Enforcement with your smartphone in the field, using secure multi-factor authentication technology. Generate comprehensive reports without ever returning to the station.

  • Person Alerts – Accurint for Law Enforcement allows you to monitor and set alerts for changes to a subject’s name, address, phone number, death records, and sex offender status.

  • Multiple Real-Time Phone Searches – Accurint for Law Enforcement supports not only reverse phone number searches, but also search on name, social security number or address.

  • Accident Report Data – enhance your investigations with access to nation-wide accident report data from over 18,000 agencies. Discover non-obvious relationships based on vehicle occupants and gain insight into the location of persons of interest.

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