Social Media is Changing the Face of Investigations
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Thank you for your interest in the 'One Step Ahead: How Social Media is Changing the Face of Investigations' White Paper.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Social Media Monitor, a new function of Accurint® for Law Enforcement, adds a virtual dimension to investigations enabling law enforcement to verify identities, uncover non-obvious associations and generate a comprehensive view of a suspect.
  • Integrating public records and traditional law enforcement data with social media data provides a complete picture of what crime could be committed.
  • Social media automated alerts of words used to describe drugs, gang activity or firearms could be used to free up personnel for other, more proactive investigative work. Picking up on "chatter" through automated alerts also provides enhanced officer safety for those in sensitive or undercover assignments.
  • Social Media Monitor keeps an agency compliant with laws related to intelligence gathering and ensures that departments will be able to admit this evidence in court.

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