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Collecting on the Uncollectable Webinar and White Paper

Why do government debts become uncollectable? The primary reason lies in the quality of the debt record: people's identities evolve over time, but government data does not keep up with the changes. Up to 12 percent of the U.S. population undergoes a significant change in identity information, like name or address, every single year. What can government agencies do to keep up?

Access the webinar recording in which government debt collection experts discuss:

  • The primary cause behind the $400 billion in unpaid debts now plaguing government agencies
  • How technology is changing the success rate for government collection of delinquent debt, as well as other strategies to be creative with existing resources
  • The value of effective identity information in debt offset and old debt programs
  • Other effective debt collection strategies
  • Best practices and lessons learned at all levels of government

You'll also gain access to our new white paper, "Collecting on the Uncollectable: The hidden cause of untapped revenue in government collections.".

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