Up to 90% of all home inspections performed by homeowners insurers fail to provide new or actionable insight.


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A Closer Look at Home Inspections

According to the Claims Journal, U.S. Homeowners insurers spend over $200 million annually. With no actionable outcomes in 70-90% of inspections, underwriters are searching for ways to increase inspection efficiency without exposing themselves to higher risk.

Access the complimentary recording to learn how you can better identify and prioritize properties most likely to have an actionable inspection.

A Closer Look at Home Inspections
Presented by Alex Tsetsenkos, Vice President, Home Vertical

Learn how to:

img_dotArrow_trimmed Identify key factors that may indicate a higher need for inspection
img_dotArrow_trimmed Discover properties most likely to have actionable inspections at the quoting, binding and renewal stages
img_dotArrow_trimmed Improve your book of business over time

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