Optimize Debt Management with an Interactive Portal

Available Now with LexisNexis® Collect Point Web Agent

• What if you could clone your best agent?
• What if that agent could work 24/7, 365 days a year?
• What if best practices and policies were always followed?

With LexisNexis you can do all of the above.
Introducing LexisNexis Collect Point Web Agent—a virtual online payment portal that interacts with users intelligently and can accept debt payments and negotiate settlement terms automatically! 

Why choose LexisNexis Collect Point Web Agent?

Connect with debtors—better. A study by Collections & Credit Risk found that today in the U.S.:
  • 72% of the 25 – 49 age group have internet access
  • 89% of respondents would prefer an on-line agent vs. a call from a live agent
Drive potentially more revenue through:
  • Online payment revenue
  • More dollars collected per session
  • Kept-promises in online payment revenue
Streamline execution and reduce receivable handling time.

To learn more about Collect Point Web Agent, simply fill out and submit the form to the right.  To contact a sales representative directly, please call 866.528.0780.

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