Knowledge About Peril-Related Trends Can Protect Your Business

Gain key insights from loss cost, seasonal and geographical trends

Home insurance carriers have the unenviable task of meeting or exceeding loss ratio objectives while also growing the business. Aggregated by-peril data can help you gain a deeper understanding of the risk associated with a particular location—to price risk more accurately, support a stronger book of business and ultimately, improve profitability.

The LexisNexis® Home Trends Report 2017 can help. It identifies by-peril trends due to wind, hail, fire, water–non-weather, water–weather, theft, liability and other perils.

Make more informed business decisions with access to by-peril data:

  • Benchmark your performance against the rest of the industry
  • Achieve more accurate, precise pricing to improve profitability
  • Better assess and select by-peril risk at the geoblock level
  • Identify untapped opportunities for business growth

In 2016, catastrophe losses accounted for 30 percent of All Peril claims—and hail losses alone cost $8.4 billion. Our latest report provides data-driven insights that can help you accurately assess losses like these and price with precision.

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